Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mini has Arrived

On Thursday the 20th at 6:18am, Lucy Isabel was born. She weighed in at 6lbs 11oz. Mum, Dad and Lucy are doing well and arrived home on Monday. So I guess we are now M&M&L...

Proud Grandma with her sixth grandchild. Grandpa is not too far away.

Lucy's big sister.

Aunty Kathleen and cousin Sally having a cuddle.

As far as the house goes there is lots to do. We are following everyones blogs and when time permits we will post some comments. Right now we are trying to get as much sleep as possible.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Front Deck

Time for an update. We have had quite a number of people comment on our driveway. The concrete was done by Mark from Montrose Concreting. It is a Random pattern for all of those that wanted to know. The color is charcoal. We will seal it with a bluestone color in about 6 months when all the rough areas are worn.

I think we will need to do some landscaping...

This weekend I started to dig out the front area as this was bringing lots of dirt into the house. This was Friday - I took a day off work.

A trip down to Bunnings to buy the material and the making of the frame started.
Saturday was a great day weather wise. It looks a bit messy and was a bit tricky getting everything lined up but I got there eventually.
Sunday morning and I had the frame all bolted together. Some of the ground is concrete and the rest dirt so I needed different foundations for each area. I bought steel brackets and also concreted some posts into the ground.
The porch above is open deck so the area gets wet. I have added some water protection to the joists and bearers. We plan on changing the porch to stop water coming through later on.
Finally starting to lay the deck late Sunday afternoon.

Its not all nailed yet. I will try and finish off during the week. It makes a huge difference walking out the front door.
A little extra added to the Pantry. I've also added the door handles to the old cupboards we put in.
I cut down the blinds to fit the windows. It wasn't too hard. Just use a hack saw and take it slow. It's a lot cheaper than having them made to fit.
We've also put up the towel rails.

Just like a hotel.
Marita has also been busy assembling the cot and change table.

We just need to buy a mattress to fit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where did August Go?

Hi All, I think we missed a month or so. We'll have to include a few blogs on what we have been doing over the past weeks. To sum it all up - Lots of work. Here's a few photos we took where the kitchen is reasonably clean. This weekend I will run around the house with the camera and provide a big update. We only just had the internet installed and today I am posting this while at work.

We need to buy a couple of couches
I need to cut down the small window blinds over the cooktop before I can put them up.
The table is actually for the Alfresco but is just fine for now in the house.
The upstand servery works well. The corner cabinet is a pain. It would be great to change it to be like Andy's...

The phone has been connected - just need something to put it on.
We have fitted the old kitchen cabinets into the pantry. Fit perfectly. We just need to buy some handles.
The carpet is great. We had no problems with Carpet Court installers.
I also added some drawers and shelves to our WIR which we kept from the old house.
Yes we have power too. This is another story which I'll go into detail later. Promise to update again soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Timber Carpet Driveway

Today is Day 168 but who's counting... It's also our 60th post. We missed the 50th so I thought I would mention it now. It has been another busy, interesting and expensive week. I think the pictures explain most of what has been happening.

Below is our wood heater which we kept from the old house. We had the plumber out to install last week, but typically had a problem with the roof trusses. He will be back tomorrow as I have reinforced the roof and cut out the support.

The redgum is coming along beautifully.

Neally made it to the wall.

Made it and the last plank fit perfectly.
Carpet has been installed. The house seems so much more livable. We have a bit of vacuuming to do.

The driveway made a start yersterday.
I love all the big toys these guys have...
I'm sure the concreter wont mind this picture. The drive sweeps down really well and is not as steep as we expected.

The concrete was poured today. Due to the expected weather over the next few days the rest will be done next week hopefully.
The stamping patterns.
The curve in the drive was tricky so I have been told. It has come up really well.

Final touches.